Huw Edwards-Jones

Personal Statement

"My interest in all things wood was sparked off whilst training as a navigation officer in the merchant navy in 1974. Somewhere south of the Equator I found myself using all my spare time up in the chippy’s workshop up at the focastle, carving wooden objects rather than revising my navigational exams. The precursor started me off looking for someone to take me on as an apprentice cabinetmaker / antiques restorer.

After working at several small restoration workshops and working on many fine period pieces of furniture I decided to go it alone. Twenty years ago I managed to shake off and wriggle out of the antique straight jacket and launched myself into designing and making pieces of original one off furniture and functional sculptural objects of my own design made from the finest hardwoods, exotic and European. All my pieces are made using time honoured traditional methods of construction and other modern techniques often learnt by trial and error to create interesting sculptural shapes. I always felt that having worked with the finest period pieces of furniture from the Regency to Art Deco had given me an eye for proportion and classical form, so important in designing objects with integrity and stature, even though often not having any direct visual connection. However we can never get away from connections from the past, tapping into all the genius of our mentors before us.

The disciplines of precision techniques and craftsmanship are integral to creating a masterpiece, or works of high merit in any medium.

To move on from this, my first serious piece of work Bespoke work was observed whilst being displayed at Olympia Daily Telegraph & Interior Design exhibition in 1996 by Arthur Brett, Master of the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers and he suggested that I should put the piece forward for a Guild Mark award which I did and gratefully received Guild Mark 191 for Gentlemans cabinet,an elliptical cabinet in snakewood and steamed pear. Also I met John Bly from the Antiques Roadshow who asked me to appear on his new program Heirlooms with the piece, which was a nerve-racking experience in front of a live audience.

Since this initial period I’ve exhibited at  the Guild Mark exhibition at Philips in London, The Cheltenham Exhibition of excellence,  The 150 years Celebration to Henry Royce at the Dorchester in Mayfair London,  The Goldsmiths company at the Strand,London.  Olympia Fine Arts & Antique Exhibition London and others.

To date I’ve received five Guild Mark Awards, for excellence in Design & construction and become a Liveryman and Freeman of the City of London.

I have also had my own exhibition in central London ,Hosted by John Bly,Antiques roadshow senior Furniture Expert .

This year,I was invited to appear on Channel 4 Four Rooms program with My Spectacular Spitfire table.It was descibed by the Four top dealers a Masterpiece and a piece of Genius.

Life is short and with the passing of time there is more urgency to do one’s best and go the extra mile, even if this means not making so much money to create something that will stand the test of time and be loved and enjoyed by others. To create beautiful objects should be the true craftsman’s aim, using both skill and design in this process.

The true Artist disregards these things to a greater degree and is driven by that passion for beauty ever on the treadmill for improvement to hone their Art in the direction of perfection, which of course is never achieved, but the concept is what drives us. It is the honesty of it. This brings to mind a sentence out of a Bob Dylan song I quote 'Truth is an arrow but the gate is narrow that it passes through.' An apt statement, in a world that is increasingly becoming far from its self.

Huw Edwards-Jones