Huw Edwards-Jones
Spitfire Table

The Spitfire Memorial Table


Inspired by the aesthetics of the iconic Supermarine SPITFIRE, this Memorial Table is conceived as a fitting tribute to the finest aircraft designer Britain has ever produced, R.J Mitchell; a man whose marvelous aircraft came to symbolize Britain’s finest hour during the desperate months of 1940.

Drawing inspiration from Mitchell’s masterpiece, the Table will be the culmination of three years work by renowned and acclaimed woodworker and artisan Huw Edwards-Jones, himself a long-time collector of original SPITFIRE parts and historical material.

The SPITFIRE Memorial Table is a unique individual piece which is being custom built, each element and component being individually crafted or restored. The design is based around original SPITFIRE parts which, themselves highly collectable and rare in their own right, need to be painstakingly restored and enhanced to fit the overall aesthetic of the Table.

Other SPITFIRE parts will be custom made according to the original blueprints and plans by traditional aircraft coach builders Wheeling. Each panel is finished by hand, a rare skill almost obsolete in today’s technological world.

The SPITFIRE base front end panels will be bolted to a bespoke cage using original camlock fasteners,this cage in tern will be fixed to a beautiful wooden core carved from a fine hardwood, bolted together in sections for ease of movement and sitting upon a uniquely constructed 3.5 meter diameter top in four glass quadrant sections, whose weight is supported by custom designed and engineered plates housing a weight bearing shaft affixed to the hardwood block.

The top itself rotates and is able to be fixed in one position by a specially designed locking bolt. The cowels are of highly polished areo-aluminium featuring four original exhaust stubs fixed to a custom built cage by original camlock catches. All rivet work will be identical flush countersunk type to the original blueprints.

The Table will come complete with a comprehensive and detailed instruction manual showing all detailed construction and deconstruction steps enabling the table to be moved whenever necessary. A book will also be presented with the masterpiece giving all possible history to all of the separate original parts that make up the table for instance, rotor propeller blades, hub, exhaust stubs and other rare parts.

It will enhance and stimulate any setting, business or personal interior and would be a spectacular addition to any conference or board room.

The SPITFIRE Memorial Table design has been granted ,Registration of Designs Act No. 4008811

Design © Huw Edwards-Jones 2009

Please contact Huw for more information.