Huw Edwards-Jones

Spitfire table unveiling at Olympia Fine Art and Antiques Exhibition June 2012

Chocks away!

After a monumental three year design and construction programme, it's chocks away he Spitfire table. It was given its grand expsosé at Olympia Fine Art and Antiques Exhibition in June of this year. It created a wow factor reaction amongst the general public who came to see it and was voted by the PR team at Olympia, who interviewed people coming out of the exhibition, as the most popular piece at the show.

The Spitfire table is now due to be displayed in December for one day at the prestigious Rolls Royce event at the Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair, London. A celebrity and owners event to celebrate the life of Henry Royce, with many rare Rolls Royce cars will be displayed along with the iconic Spitfire table. A book will be released at the event incorporating the table and other items of interest.